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Following on from a successful 2018, we were contacted by Octavia Hill museum in Wisbech. They enjoyed the Anthropocene exhibition and requested we show it at their museum. On learning of our Permission To Speak show, they chose to accept that also, opening on National Womens Day 8th March. Kezzabelle Ambler performed spoken word then accompanied me on a Women Of Wisbechs guided tour led by Octavia Hill’s owner Peter.

Rebellion in the Chapel

Mandy Caldon organised an event with Extinction Rebellion to show a talk in the Panacea Museum Chapel to encourage members of teh public to support the upcoming protest. On the 17th Nov bridges in London were blocked by all members of XR.

The ‘Rebellion’ was well attended and the film didnt pull any punches. The event was hosted by PEAC with BCCF. A mother of one of the Fracking men arrested spoke about the experience.

The Chapel was full, the message was chilling and the storm raged outside. Apocalypse is a subject the Panaceans were concerned with. Therefore having the opportunity to hold the event at their museum was perfect. A memorable meeting with those concerned enough about our world to commit to helping in various ways.

Is this the way to change peoples minds. Possibly some members of Parliament may change their views, but on the whole its the public who are raising up and being counted!



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Precious Earth Art Collective collaborated with Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum to inform and entertain the public with a wonderful day of workshops, educational films,Spoken Word, Voice training and a Sound Improvisation Experience.
Kezzabelle Ambler – Weaving Words
Tonia Ward/Rebbeca Harvey-Butterfly Wishes
Julie Hoare/helen patent Clay
Pip Sadler-Zero Waste
Lucy Bywater-BCCF
Ant Sauchella-Finding Your Voice/Sound Improvisation
Anwyn Rowbwerry-Paper
Lynette Briggs-Photography





The Gathering
The Gathering

The Gathering was inspired by The centenery of The Representaion Of The Peoples Act 1918 and womens voting rights. Protesting against atrocities to women in todays society, P E A C marched through the toen with banners, drums and chants.

Sponsored by Gunns bakery the protesters were greeted with Bedfordshire Clangers at a meeting point in the town Centre before continuing the march.


Keep It Green!

A fabulous event took place in The Panacea Gardens recently. Inspired by the exhibtion Anthropocene:Of Our Own Making P E A C founder Amanda Caldon was inspired to create an event in Bedford that would educate and inspire.

Many people were invited to participate from all over the UK. Speakers, Information stands and art workshops made for an interesting and enjoyable event. Lucy Bywater from Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum invited Dr Rupert Read, philospher and Green Party Politician seen above.

The Speaker line up began with a presentation re Precious Earth Art Collective. Jane Perrone Freelance Writer gave an talk on composting. Jo Atherton spoke about her Art Practice inspired by plastics. Alethia Mashiri of Big Dreams Small Spaces inspired us on how to start Community Gardening.Dr Rupert Read Facing Climate Change:Do We Have The Will? Performance Poet Kezzabelle Ambler.
Woodland Trust’s Kaye Brennan encouraged the audience to follow the trusts new Tree Charter. A film about the devestating effects on forests and Orangutans etc with the worlds use of Palm Oil was shown by Greenpeace member Athen Ayren.

Stands Zero Waste with Pip Sadler, Abundance Bedford with produce and seed swap. Ana sew and save. Woodland Trust and Bedfordshire against Covanta.

Jo Atherton delivered a workshop on Museums Of The Future. Amanda Caldon gave a porcelain ‘Green Wishes’ jewellery workshop.



Permission To Speak: Paid In Full exhibition at The Basement At Bunyan Gallery was a huge success attracting attention from those that liked controversial social commentary including  Pauline Stepney from Higgins Museum.
Looking for an idea for The Place Theatre’s ‘Over To You’ project, Pauline knew Precious earth Art Collective would be perfect for the venue. Collaborating with Friends Of Refugees, Nubian teachings and Global kitchens P E A C’s Amanda Caldon and Pauline Stepney created a unique event consisting of an art exhibition, arts and crafts workshops, choir, speakers, performance and poetry.

ALI Brumfit
Performance Poet Ali Brumfit