Anthropocene: Of Our Own Making

 Above Image Jo Athertons Cyanotype

Precious Earth Art Collective (PEAC) will be exhibiting a new body of work at the Panacea Museum, Bedford during September.  The title of the exhibition, Anthropocene refers to a new geological epoch, a time when humanity constitutes the largest force for change on earth and the exhibition has been developed in response to the CENSAMM International Conference Natural Disasters and Apocalypse.

PEAC are a great mix of local and international artists who share a common belief that we can make a positive change to this world and learn to value and help each other, human and animal. This mixed media exhibition will include sculpture, painting, textiles, film, writings and ceramics. PEAC believe that unless we as a race change our priorities we will experience the sixth mass extinction…the last human asteroid.
Amanda Caldon, artist and founder of PEAC, was inspired to involve the community in her vision to create art to inspire change via exhibitions and events. She met with a group of like-minded artists while teaching ceramics in Bedford. The resulting collective has grown to include professional artists, community groups and those that are just beginning to create new work.

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