Creativity inspires change

Precious EARTH ART Collective P E A C consist of a group of  contemporarty multi-disciplinary International Artists. Inspired by global concerns they create artwork and events to promote the arts and inform their audience of social, environmental and moral issues that inform and empower the individual to make changes in thier surroundings.

Founded early 2017 by Amanda Caldon, they collective initially consisted of artists working in clay. Since then P E A C has grown to include both local and International Artists, which reflects the success of P E A C and an appetite for change.


PLASTIC PISCES   Artists Mike Paul and Lance Eggleton


  1. I loved being part of Weaving Words into Art at the ‘Permission To Speak’ exhibition and the ‘Anthropocene’ event was truly inspirational. I look forward with anticipation to more creative projects and events x

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      1. I’ll see you there at 2pm on Sat sounds very interestsing and too important to miss, thankyou for making the continued effort to spread the word and concerns for our beautiful planet x


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